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Manipulating Time

The Everscale Standalone Client allows you to adjust the time offset using the Clock object. This can be useful in scenarios where the time on your machine is not synchronized with the server or the blockchain network.

Creating a Clock Object

When creating a new instance of the EverscaleStandaloneClient, you can pass a Clock object as part of the properties:

const client = await EverscaleStandaloneClient.create({
  // Other properties...
  clock: new Clock(),

Adjusting the Time Offset

You can adjust the time offset by setting the offset property of the Clock object:

client.clock.offset = 1000; // Offset by 1000 milliseconds

This will update the offset in all affected providers.

Getting the Current Time

You can get the current time, adjusted by the offset, by accessing the time property of the Clock object:

console.log(client.clock.time); // Current time in milliseconds, adjusted by the offset

Detaching Providers

If you want to detach all affected providers, you can call the detach method of the Clock object:


This will clear the list of affected providers, but their offset will remain the same.


Remember, manipulating time is a sensitive operation and should be done with care. Always ensure that any adjustments made are necessary and correct to prevent potential issues with transaction processing or other time-sensitive operations.